The 2020 Spanish Grand Prix has been cancelled at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in styleTHU 07 MAY - SUN 10 MAY 2020
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The 2020 Spanish Grand Prix
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Spanish Grand Prix: Will It Be Called Off?

With the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, it’s hard to believe that some races are still considering holding their doors open to attendees. One of the major racing events is the Spanish Grand Prix 2020. With how fast the coronavirus is spreading, most countries are closing their doors to limit travel. The Spanish Grand Prix is known to be one of the most significant events in Europe and is under threat.

With the loss of people attending, they could be seeing detrimental amounts of profits gone. To help combat this issue, they have decided to postpone the event until further notice and possibly come up with a solution around the coronavirus.

The Spanish Grand Prix 2020 Set to be Called Off

So far, Dutch, Spanish, and Monaco F1’s governing body are postponed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. This means that the very first seven races that start off the F1 season will be delayed until further notice.

Those planning to attend these events will still need to call the company and see if they can reserve their seats. The first race could be postponed until the 7th of June. However, there’s no set date as to when it will begin.

After a conference call made by the FIA president Jean Todt, the F1 race would like to get a grip on the coronavirus. That’s why they have decided to delay the situation and see how it goes. They will make a decision later once things are calmed down.

The Spanish Grand Prix Organizers in Talks with F1 Over Evolving Situation

The F1 season has also been proposed due to the organizers of the Dutch and Spanish Grand Prix. They announce that the F1 and FIA situation means to continue their events.

The organisers have cancelled the Australian Grand Prix on Friday, and after that, the Chinese Grand Prix was withdrawn on the 17th of April. Later, the Bahrain Grand Prix decided that they were going to be held next weekend, and the same for the Vietnam Grand Prix on the 3-5th of April.

Spanish Grands Prix to be Axed as Coronavirus Forced F1 to Set a New Start Date

With the coronavirus wave, the F1 season has been pushed back, and many events have either been postponed or put on hold. For many people attending, this can be frustrating because of the travel bans, and not everyone knows if they will be able to participate with their original tickets.

To ease the stuff down, the Spanish Grand Prix has forced the F1 company to come up with an official new start date. This will help avoid confusion and let people prepare for the event. This not only gives players and employees time to make sure the event is clean and healthy but also allows attendees to see if they can make it.

Updated Formula 1 Calendar

To get the latest information about the F1 schedule for 2020, we highly suggest checking out their website. They highlight which races are postponed, cancelled, and which are still holding events. If you’re looking for full details and timelines, all resources will be listed on their site.

As far as we know, the F1 has clearly announced at the top of the page that the Spanish Grand National has been postponed. We will likely see detailed schedules of when it should come back by the end of this month. So, keep your hopes up and stay tuned for updates about the event on the official F1 website.

Final Thoughts

With all of the European nations freaking out because of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s good to see that they are still taking into account social gatherings. While it may limit the spread of COVID-19, it may cause a massive drop in profits for any sports-related events.

The F1 is proposing a new idea by opening doors to have the events still even if people can’t attend. This may save the sport millions of dollars, and spectators can watch online. This gives everyone the chance to participate without risking the health of the community.

The 2020 Spanish Grand Prix has been cancelled at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in styleTHU 07 MAY - SUN 10 MAY 2020
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