The 2019 Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in styleTHU 09 MAY - SUN 12 MAY 2019
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The 2019 Spanish Grand Prix
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F1 Betting Tips: 2019 Spanish Grand Prix

Coefficient - 4.5
Tips efficiency - 88 %

Vettel did his team proud by showing out in the practice stage of the Circuit De Cataluña Barcelona 2016. He aced teammate Kimi Raikkonen with only a 0.138-second difference to secure first place. Team Mercedes racer and Spanish GP race stage under performer Niko Rosberg came in third place in the practice races with a time of 1:24.454. The team’s successes in the qualifying and race rounds have been accredited to their making use of softer tyres which their Mercedes counterparts did not. The F1 2019 betting world definitely includes this amazing driver, but he needs to prove that he's still relevant.

This was evident by their Mercedes driver rival Lewis Hamilton clocking in fourth place. Highlights on this racer include him being wheeled back into the garage at the final moments of the last session owing to some technical difficulties in previous rounds. This sudden recalling in that crucial stage obviously wasn’t taken very well by the driver. Stakes are not looking too shabby with this racer in this year’s GP in Spain.

Coefficient - 1.9
Tips efficiency - 94 %

Last year’s qualifying race gave a little hint for pro f1 racer Lewis Hamilton crash and burn in the race that followed. Tragedy hit in the first lap when a turn meant that he would collide with teammate Nico Rosberg, and he did. Hamilton betting odds reflected this exact situation. This saw them both drop out of the race. While there was little reaction from the German driver, there was the talk of the British racing star quitting the Mercedes outfit though later on they were disproved as being merely water under the bridge.

Mercedes, though looked as though they had started fishing for a new driver for the remaining season’s races but when the Brit went on to claim six out of seven titles in the Monaco races; matters were eventually put to bed. A new racing season has opened up and if the Monaco comeback is anything to go by, then bettors have been given something of a reassurance that Hamilton might pull through: that is if there aren’t any crashes and finger pointing in the upcoming Spanish F1 in May. Hamilton odds can be compared using an aggregator for optimal results.

Coefficient - 11
Tips efficiency - 81 %

First stage crash in 2016’s Circuit De Catalunya may just have been the sign this 18-year-old Dutchman needed to claim the victory. This was his first major win after signing onto his new Red Bull get up. He also ousted Sebastian Vettel as the youngest driver to ever win a world championship. The future looks promising for racer and race fans that are considering going with these odds.

But a lot will be at stake here, but a double victory in a title he took because of the surprising developments in 2016’s circuit seems a bit of a stretch. That only leaves bettors with the all important luck factor when placing their hard earned money on this driver. In the attempt of trying not to come down too hard on his game, he did manage to steal the lead from Spanish Moto GP number two Kimi Raikkonen by making fewer pit stops; something attributed to Team Red Bull strategy. Verstappen odds are really interesting at the moment.

Coefficient - 11
Tips efficiency - 86 %

The driver seems content on his performance in the 2016 moto gp season; managing to rack up a third place behind Verstappen and Raikkonen. What many fans would want to know is whether the outcome would have been any different had the team pitted both drivers an equal number of times.

This year’s Circuit De Cataluña might hold the answers to this question. The star has been heard admitting that he is still licking his wounds after last year’s defeat but still remains optimistic that this year’s season chances will be less slim. This coupled with the techno-mechanical threats issuing from Team Red Bull on their newer engines and builds; odds placed on this wheeler might not be too much of a dare, to say the least.  Ricciardo finished fourth owing to a puncture and based solely on the fact he outraced his teammate, Vettel, he certainly is the candidate to place wagers on this coming season.

Ready, Steady, Go! How to Bet on the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix

Now that as a Formula 1 better and enthusiast you have your stats on previous race performances and likely outcomes on this year’s season, you can now begin betting process. F1 Championship odds demand much research & veritable knowledge. Veritable online betting bookies example: Skybet offers reliable odds on controlled betting within a safe environment provided the better take into consideration the T & C’s outlined.

You’ll notice that immediately after logging in you will be made conversant with a list of sports available for bettors. Any online betting site is bound to have odds and tips to consider before placing your bet. Alongside these is the type of bet that can be made on Grand Prix races and below we will outline the main different kinds of betting there are:

  1. Race winner – In the case of combinations of threes, this type of bet pays off well if your prediction comes in second or third place. In the case of a first, then this is the best kind of bet because it chooses your winner for you.
  2. Podium Finish – This type of bet is a random kind of selection because it pays off if your candidate makes a stand at the podium in whatever ranking or position provided they make it there. Formula One betting odds usually include this type.
  3. Driver’s World Championship – This type of betting is merit based with points accrued from races from an entire season translate to a third of overall winnings on any two preferred candidates in the race round of the Grand Prix.
  4. Constructor’s World Championships – Here, the better places their wager on the two racing teams and cars most likely to win. F1 odds are with the driver’s world Championships.
  5. Pole Position – These types of bets are placed in the qualifying stages of the tourney to favour the most likely candidate to flag off the race rounds in pole position.

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The 2019 Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in styleTHU 09 MAY - SUN 12 MAY 2019
This race starts in:
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